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An error in Android TV exposes the data and photos of hundreds of users


Several users have reported in the last hours an error that allows them to access without any problem to the private information and images of hundreds of other users via Android TV and Google Home, which has led Google to temporarily disable Google Photos sharing service as a preventive measure until the problem is fixed.

As highlighted by Android Police, two users of the platform reported the error in their Twitter accounts, one of them highlighting that when they wanted to set your screensaver With a Pixel 2XL mobile phone and the Google Home app on a Vu brand television -through Android TV- he could observe how multiple Google user accounts were linked to the device.

In addition, when he wanted to configure the Ambient Mode function, he could see that he also had the possibility of access the account settings of other users and their private images in Google Photos, an error that could significantly affect the privacy of that data. Even a second user support -also through Twitter- the error, by being able to replicate it on your iFFalcon television.

For that reason, Google issued a statement stating that temporarily disabled Google Photos for Android TV and that, in addition, disabled the function that allows you to send content through Google Assistant on the platform until they could find the error and correct it. While the firm Vu Televisions, owner of one of the devices where the bug stated that -after a thorough investigation- it was found that this it was due to a malfunction of the Google Home app, so it would be resolved with a new update of security.

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