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Android now allows you to save vaccination certificates on your mobile with Google Pay


Forget the paper where it says that you have been vaccinated: soon you will be able to carry your vaccination card on your mobile.

From now on, you can forget about the physical vaccination certificate that they gave you at the time of vaccination against COVID-19: If you have an Android mobile, you can now store your certificate on the device to access a valid digital copy at any time.

Own Google has announced the arrival of this new function, deployed through an update of the API “Passes”, which now allows governments, health organizations and public health agencies access this API to create digital versions of vaccination certificates or test results.

Vaccination certificate on Android

The vaccination certificate can be saved directly to your Android mobile using Google Pay.

So you can save your vaccination certificate on your mobile

Initially, the possibility of storing vaccination certificates or test results will be available in the United States, but Google has confirmed that it will reach other countries over the weeks.

To save a virtual copy of their vaccination certificate, users will only have to make sure they have a device upgraded to at least Android 5 Lollipop, and that it is also certified by Play Protect. Although the Passes API, which is part of Google Pay, is used, it is not necessary to have the Google mobile payments app installed.

Once the copy has been stored in the user’s virtual card holder, all the information remains saved on the device, and it will not be synchronized with the rest of the user’s devices – therefore, the copy will have to be saved manually on each one of them.

In addition, the user himself you can choose if you want to show your COVID card information to other people, although, in any case the data will never be shared with Google.

Finally, Google facilitates access to this card through a shortcut on the mobile home screen, accessible at any time, even if the device does not have an Internet connection. It is worth mentioning that, in order to use this function, it is necessary have some kind of secure blocking method configured, be it a PIN, fingerprint, pattern or password.

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