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First Android TV UltraHD televisions with MediaTek SoC: available for March


Probably the world of televisions in 2015 will be strongly marked by Android TV (You can learn everything about Android TV here or experiment with the Android TV emulator for developers). Precisely in this article we are going to dedicate a few lines to a recent announcement that has to do with this operating system for smart televisions. The news is related to the companies MediaTek and Google and the fruit of their collaboration in this area, so we leave you with the information on this matter.

This same week MediaTek has published a press release in which he advertised the collaboration between Google and MediaTek to create what will be the first UltraHD TV platform with Android TV. This will become a reality thanks to the combination of Google’s operating system for televisions and el SoC MediaTek MT5595. This is already in the mass production phase, so they say that the commercialization of Android TV UltraHD with said SoC can be expected for March of this year. Of course these TVs will be compatible with Google Play, with Android games, with voice recognition for content search and with the streaming Google Cast – it is interesting to remember the recent Google Cast for Audio whose operation you can see in video -.

Regarding the MediaTek MT5595 they have revealed that is the first for TV that supports codecs Google VP9 y HEVC. They have added that it is a quad core with a composite big LITTE configuration by two ARM Cortex A17 processors and two ARM Cortex A7 processors, being also compatible with global broadcast standards. Of course it is too early to draw conclusions, but we are looking forward to the opportunity to see one of these TVs in operation so that we can assess them.

Do you think Android TV will be relevant this year? What do you think of the choice of the MediaTek MT5595 SoC?

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