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Google TV and Android TV, how are they different?


Google TV is here to revolutionize the Android TV experience, but how are the two platforms really different?

With the Chromecast released in 2020, Google introduced a big revamp of your Android-based TV software, which he called Google TV.

Today, with all the news from Google TV on the table, we wonder What differences does this platform have with respect to the current Android TV? In this article, we review the major changes that those who switch from one software to another will find.

Google TV

Google TV is Google’s new platform for televisions.

A new, more modern and intuitive interface

Google TV is not an operating system. Rather, it is a customization layer established on the software of televisions with Android TV, the true operating system on which these devices are based.

The interface of the new Chromecast with Google TV, in video

The fact of implanting a Customization layer on Android TV, has allowed Google Modify to some extent the user interface, by introducing a radically different appearance to that of Android TV.

If we compare the interface of both platforms face to face, we find big differences in the way of displaying the content. On Google TV, everything revolves around recommendations, and the initial screen is full of content that may be of interest to us based on what we liked.

In this way, we see a page called “For you”, which shows films, series or documentaries according to our interests, extracted from the services of streaming to which we are subscribed.

On Android TV, on the other hand, the interface of the home screen stands out the apps installed on the TV above the rest of the content in a horizontal carousel, which on Google TV has been replaced to display tabs from search, “for you”, movies, series, apps and the library, in that order.

The “watch list” arrives

Another novelty of Google TV that was not present in Android TV is the so-called “watchlist” or “watchlist”.

Thanks to this function, it is possible add series or movies to this list, and the added content will appear on any device with our associated Google account. In this way, it will be easier to access it from the Google TV home screen.

A more modern version of Android

The version of Android TV running on most televisions and Android TV Boxes today is based on the Android 9.0 Pie edition. Instead, Google TV is based on Android 10.

This does not mean that Android TVs will live with an outdated version of Android for the rest of their lives. The reality is that, sooner or later, televisions will be upgraded to Android TV version based on Android 10.

However, TV manufacturers will also be able to choose whether to implement Google TV on your televisions and devices. They will be able to do so over the next few years through an update to their current devices, or by launching new products with Google TV.

Y starting in 2022, the idea is to make Google TV the default platform for any television based on Android. It will be then that, probably, Android TV disappear as we know it today.

Really, the differences between Google TV and Android TV there are not so many if we put aside the changes in terms of the interface. In the end, Google TV continues to use Android TV as a base, and therefore the essential functions have been kept intact.

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