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This is Android Oreo for Android TV, Google shows all its news at CES 2018


Google has taken advantage of a framework such as CES 2018 that started today in Las Vegas to remember that Android TV still awaits the update to Android Oreo, a redesign of the Android version for smart TVs that seems to be almost ready for final release according to the information published by Google on its developer blog.

It is not that Android is experiencing a meteoric landing among the Smart TVs of the main manufacturers, but the truth is that Google’s mobile operating system is perfectly suited to televisions and some of the most important players in the market such as Sony, Xiaomi or Philips, among others, already have their Android TV options in their catalog of smart TVs.

Android Oreo will be a breath of fresh air to continue the expansion, and in fact, as we saw in the first Developer Preview of Oreo for Android TV, the new firmware will come to Smart TVs powered by Android with a very deep face lift to improve the user experience with its interface, something very important in devices that are operated mainly from a remote control.


Many new features for the Android TV interface

The organization of the menus is new, with the channels in the center and the successive fields below, which will provide the background to the contents and applications. The Mountain View giant also anticipates, with a couple of captures, the new distribution of the apps arranged in a vertical carousel with the contents right next to them, In order of importance.

This improves the overview of applications and content, visualizing first what we use and see more frequently, without sacrificing important or new multimedia content.

As if this were not enough, the desired freedom will be provided to developers, who they will now be able to program each channel, show certain contents on it and organize the programs based on criteria and customizations, for example for specific topics or the user’s own interests.


How could it be less, Google Assistant becomes more protagonist on Android TV, centralizing the content search, and some applications such as YouTube TV will be able to show Animated previews as short movies on the channel thumbnail. Something very useful and that gives greater depth to the user experience.

What if it has been saved Google is the date on which the update will be released, and although many speak of its arrival for the next Google I / O, which will be held at the gates of summer, we all hope that it will be available before seeing the progress of its development. We will have to be vigilant …

More information | Google Play Dev

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