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This is how the new Sony BRAVIA Z televisions are, with Android TV, 4K and HDR


Sony is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to technology products. Since smartphones, going through headphones, speakers and even televisions. It is the latter that we are interested in, since the thing is about TVs with Android TV. Sony has announced the launch of the new BRAVIA Z range, a new line of televisions that bet on Android TV y el HDR 4K, although they are not the only implementations that we can see.

On the one hand, Sony has introduced a technology called Backlight Master Devide. More or lessThis new functionality consists of a backlighting system that seeks to improve brightness and contrast, thus seeking to compete against the well-known OLED screens of its competitors – although Sony continues to bet on LCD screens. A tough battle, without a doubt.

This new technology uses some algorithms that activate certain areas of the screen, allowing the image to be seen with more contrast, brighter colors, and deeper blacks. At least that’s what they tell us from the Press release published on their website. And how is a television capable of moving all this? Thanks to the new X1 4K Extreme processor, which also allows reducing noise and reproducing images in a more realistic way, improving their texture and making them more like the real world – or so they say.

This is the new Sony BRAVIA Z televisions, with Android TV, 4K and HDR

Finally, it must be said that Sony’s new TVs will feature Android TV inside them, thus turning them into smart TVs. Now, yes, do not expect the new Sony TVs to be cheap. As they point out, there will be three models: a 65-inch for the price of 5,000 euros, a 75-inch for 8,000 euros and, at the end of summer, a 100-inch will be launched whose price we do not know but of which we can get an idea –Although it will also be the most powerful team, according to Sony–.

What do you think of the new Sony televisions? Do you like them?

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